Saturday, June 20, 2009

Goodbye to a Friend...

It's been some time since I updated my blog. I was all set to catch up this week and post some of my recent activities, but I was sidetracked. Wednesday morning I received an e-mail telling me one of my dearest childhood friends had suddenly died. Remember when you were in grade school and you made friends with someone you instantly felt in sync with that person, that was my connection with Robert. We met in 4th grade, I can remember the very moment, well at least one of our first interactions. Robert had seriously lacerated his hand the evening before, his entire palm was in stitches. I had vivid memories of him describing his injury, it was so intriguing... we were forever friends from that moment on. College takes you away from home and paths seem to drive people to various locations. We met up at our 20th High School Reunion in 2004 and spent some good time together. Robert had 2 children and a lovely wife. Several years earlier a very close friend was killed by a drunk driver, Robert named his son after Joe. He was a doctor and (as beautifully stated by a friend on FB today) a warrior. A very talented and successful man with a great sense of humor. We promised to visit each others homes and remain in contact but time seemed to take over again. Then 1 night, after returning from a Beatles's tribute show (1964 The Tribute, they are amazing) I returned home to a FB greeting from Robert. How wonderful... I had just come across some old photos of him the day before. We chatted and made promises to call... I posted the funny pictures and notified a bunch of friends that he was on FB. I knew we would have plenty of time to catch up... My deepest sympathy for Robert's wife Lisa and family. Always in our heart's and deeply etched in mine... from 4th grade and forever.

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