Thursday, May 21, 2009

More Experimenting

 Its fun to play with the features that come with photo softwear.  Here I was playing around w/Picassa,  I took my Beatles Green-Love Collage- The Word & just went all crazy with the effects. I think it looks pretty cool. I will have to create something out of this...
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Wednesday, May 20, 2009


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This is a great piece I saw on Flickr. This artist has some wonderful Beatles colleges I will probably blog about them in the near future. This one hit me hard because of my issues of loneliness. To think that somebody so loved by the public was so alone. I have been trying to figure out how to create a piece that would show feelings of loneliness & this one captures that emotion perfectly. Funny thing is that MM does not sad or in despair in this picture, & the information states it was one of her last soots. I think her pain is hidden deep in her eyes. Like John Lennon , deep in the soul, slipping out when they thought no one was looking that little child came peeking out. There are several songs I refer to as my theme songs due to the topic of loneliness & this line from the song "Candle in the Wind" has been one that hits deep in the heart. What a lovely tribute to a talented & sad person. You will never be alone again MM.

New Magnets of my OOAK Collages

Today I added to the repertoire of shop items on my etsy site today. I created magnets from images of several of my OOAK collages. The Horse Whisperer paper sculpture & the Green Beatles-Love Collage-The Word are now available as magnets.  I am a sucker for magnets, my fridge is covered w/them.  Some hold up notices or things I want to remember, but the rest are there to show off my interests (like a local Beatles Tribute Band), favorite take out places & inspirational words for the day. Now I have 2 replicas of my artwork staring at me whenever I get a glass of milk.  More to come including the 2nd Green Beatles-Love Collage-The End.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Etsy FP: So Summery

Loving this summer  based treasury. I want the red bathing suit; how hot it is! Proof that you don't need to show a lot of skin to be soooo sexy!

Almost forgot this listing...

 I almost forgot about this listing... The Architect is a 14" x 11" mixed media OOAK collage. In all honesty the idea of this piece came about  by accident. I am infamous for sitting, working & leaving things on the floor. My studio is a giant stepping game, look out for this & watch out for that. Well what happens when you leave plaster labyrinths on the floor... I eventually step, sit or kneel on them, breaking them into pieces. Looking at the broken pieces of one particular labyrinth (it  was unpainted, so it was white as polished marble) I thought of the ruins of an ancient, iconic piece of architecture like the Roman Coliseum. Then the idea came for making these pieces into a collage,  making it appear as if a master labyrinth plan was created before it was built into existence. I used my favorite Jacquard Lumiere paint (at the moment) halo blue-gold for the background & majority of the labyrinth pieces. I just love how iridescent it is... it seems to change color from different angles.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Involuntary Electricity Sabbatical

A day without power. NH power decided to turn off my electricity today, well I guess I started it by not paying my bill. Oops! All caught up now. Funny thing is that they are so quick to turn it off, but so slow to turn it back on... 10 hours  later!! I was in the middle of posting a few new items to my Etsy store when the lights flickered out. Good thing I took a long nap, got the whole evening in front of me.  After a hot bath of course. Ah, luxuries of electricity. Once the evening arrived I began to think about my favorite Jane Austen books & about how life was so different living by candlelight. This was to distract me from coming up w/various ways to function while holding a flashlight! As an occupational therapist I am quite proud of my 1 handed skills, still lack of light has it's frustrations. At least I was finally able to find my headlamp & be a little bit productive. Limited in my choice of activities: my craft projects were limited & reading was out (especially w/my aging eyes) I resorted to cleaning. In Jane's time,  life was encompassed w/in the little light that was given off by a candle. I imagined being in a room w/various friends clustered around their smelly smokey candels: Maryanne Dashwood staring out the darken window dreaming of Willoughby, Elinor Dashwood & Lucy Steel attempting to have a private conversation, Margret Dashwood trying to read her atlas, &  Mrs. Dashwood,  Mrs. Jennings & company playing a game of cards. Well luckily I have my soy lilac scented candles... oh, my bath is ready... time to warm my chilled fingers. Back to modern living! Oh, well, c'est lavie!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Too Impatient

She's up & swimming. Go to my store: to see  my 1st ever paper sculpture. Back in December as I was waiting in the lobby of a hospital for my employee physical I checked  out an art showcase that was on display. I saw amazing pieces made of paper created by an artist named: Santa Maria. I came home & search the internet for more info on this artist & her work. What was it called, how could paper be manipulated in ways that looked like clothes blowing in the wind? I spent a week surfing the internet about paper sculpture & found a couple of good library books too. Within a week, I kept hearing this siren calling me... next thing I know I am creating this collage piece. It all fell into place, no real plan just a little of this & a lot of that. I am really proud  of her & hope you will love her too.  Watch my slideshow & see more images of her along w/one of her favorite songs. BTW, didn't like how the frame turned out...

Under the Sea!

I am finishing the frame & hoping the sun stays out so I can take 1 more picture & then she is going up on my Etsy store. This bathing beauty is my 1st paper sculpture EVER! Now she screaming for attention. I love this magical lady, she loves Bobby Darin & even has her own playlist on my mp3. Check out the slide show of her & I will let you know when she has been listed!

Just Need the Hair

OMG! Lovin this Farrah Fawcett Jumpsuit listed today by Thrush on her iconic vintage Etsy store: The bridal gown caught my fancy too. All I need is a big blonde wig & a man & I am set!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Fractured - just added to etsy

My latest addition to my Etsy site. This piece is called "Fractured." It is an OOAK collage/assemblage created from a paster 7-circuit or Creatan Labyrinth. The background is textured using acrylic gel medium, my newest & most favorite acrylic medium! Applying it is like putting icing on a cake. 

New Item:

Just added a new item, my altered star collage! "Journey Through the Universe" is an OOAK  5 page altered book/ mixed media piece that was inspired by the Beatles' song "Across the Universe" & the History Channel's series "The Universe."  It is a set of 5 mini-paintings of images one would see traveling across the universe: a small cluster of stars, an Earth-like planet, a rocky satellite, a cluster of galaxies & a sun. It has great depth & texture along w/ brilliant colors. The words are the lyrics to the ethereal-like song written by John Lennon.  I have a slide show of this piece here on my blog, posted last week.  You can find this at my shop:

My 3rd Treasury!

I was once again very lucky to have been featured in another Etsy Treasury. This stunning collection title: "...Follow Your Path... and Make it Your Own..."  Very nice, again I am honored. Thanks visionquest!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Love Struck: Etsy Treasury/FP

Great Etsy treasury & front page, "Love Struck - A Few of My Favorite Things." Handpicked by A lovely handpicked selection. All This collection is very deserving of this recognition. Lovely items & lovely shops. Congrats to all!


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Friday, May 8, 2009

FB Business Page

Cool thing about Facebook is not only that it has an etsy application ( that will add you store to your personal profile wall, but you can also create a FB page for your business!  FB is such a fun network site! I am in touch w/ people I have  not seen or spoken to in well over 10+ years! Nice thing is that I can easily share w/my friends & other FB uses my esty business!  You can modify all the privacy & control settings, create discussion, allow reviews, make favs from other etsy store or businesses, post photos, create links & more.  FB uses can become fan's of your site & will receive updates on their wall. Now, how cool is that?

Monday, May 4, 2009

Word Vader

Word Vader
Originally uploaded by Jonathan Feinberg
One of most favorite web sites is: It is a site where one can create word clouds. I have found it to be very creative, therapeutic, and well, very addicitive. I have used this site to create many word clouds I have & will be using in my art. The creator of the wordle program, Jonathan Feinberg, created this word cloud & posted it to his blog. All I can say is "WOW!"

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Journey Through The Universe

As soon as I am done w/some finishing touches & editing my pictures this altered book-mixed media collage based on the Beatles song "Across the Universe" will be posted on my etsy store. The quality of the slide show did not come out as clear as my pictures, need to play around a bit more.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Spring Beauty

This collage, "Labyrinth Dreams-Dream" has been featured on an esty treasury titled "Spring Beauty: The Whispers of Spring are Getting Louder! Thank you SewnNatural!