Sunday, October 25, 2009

Stone of the Week

To get me to blog more regularly I have decided to add some structure to my blogging. I am one of those people who work hard but I am also a great procrastinator; I do great when I have a deadline or someone else is involved. So to add structure and a sort of "deadline" I have decided to create a weekly blog entry: "Stone of the Week." Each week I will pick a beach stone from my shop and blog about it. My description's for my beach stones are pretty plain, this will allow me to tell you stories about each stone. When I create my stones it is a truly intuitive process; each stone tells me what design it wants before I decorate it. The rock tells me if it wants a word or an image. And if it is not meant to be, the design falls apart and I have to start over. I am always surprised at how lovely they turn out. I have so many favorites! You will find lots of beach stones tucked away in various corners in my home!

This week I am picking one of my favorite stones in my shop right now. My "Shanti" beach stone turned out so lovely. It is very smooth and fits nicely in your hand. It photographed nicely showing off it's unique colorization. I like how the font compliments the foreign nature of the word. Shanti means peace, so this stone is special by he message it conveys.

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