Monday, November 30, 2009

Stone of the Week

I am back after recovering from oral surgery. I am glad I took the whole week off, I was not functional until Thursday and there is no way I could have worked or been able to see patients. I can't believe how much time I needed to recover and get my "sea legs" back. I have been lucky that the pain has been minimal, but I have bruising that showed up on my face today! Good timing with starting a new job, they are going to think I have domestic violence issues! To celebrate the beginning of what may be my dream OT job and honor the loss of a tooth, I have picked another double sided stone that resembles a tooth. This stone has the word BELIEVE on one side and DREAM on the other. This is also a new stone in my shop added this past weekend. Two very important words in my world!

The past 3 years have been very difficult years for me on top of an already difficult time. In 2006 I had taken a position of Director of Rehab at a skilled nursing facility. I thought it was the opportunity of my life. Well it ended up being my biggest mistake. I left that facility in the winter of 2007, after spending months interviewing up and down the seacoast not finding work anywhere close the the town in NH I live (and was adamant about continuing to live). I took short term contract work in various parts of the state while continuing to interview (I have plenty of headhunters). After a lot of soul searching I decided to change my focus from administration back to clinical and refocus on out-patients/hand therapy. Then the economy tanked. After 4 months of unemployment, I basically have been surviving on contract work that can be very unstable, along with starting my Etsy shop. I have been exhausted commuting 1.25 hours in 1 direction and the work environment of acute care is stressful and physically demanding. I am too tired for my art, and too tired for Etsy.

Well I have been saved by a dream opportunity! A wish I made in January has been granted for me: I as of today, I will be working in out patient/hand therapy at the local hospital in my town(temporary for now with possibility of becoming permanent). Yes! And the coolest thing is that this opportunity came to me, I was not searching (I kinda gave up) one of my recruiters found it for me. So I must honor the words "Believe" and "Dream" on 1 stone.


  1. I used to work in a hand therapy center, too! Wow....our Path has some real similarities, doesn't it?

  2. Sadly the job situation hasnt worked out... still searching & still creating in the mean time.