Friday, May 15, 2009

Too Impatient

She's up & swimming. Go to my store: to see  my 1st ever paper sculpture. Back in December as I was waiting in the lobby of a hospital for my employee physical I checked  out an art showcase that was on display. I saw amazing pieces made of paper created by an artist named: Santa Maria. I came home & search the internet for more info on this artist & her work. What was it called, how could paper be manipulated in ways that looked like clothes blowing in the wind? I spent a week surfing the internet about paper sculpture & found a couple of good library books too. Within a week, I kept hearing this siren calling me... next thing I know I am creating this collage piece. It all fell into place, no real plan just a little of this & a lot of that. I am really proud  of her & hope you will love her too.  Watch my slideshow & see more images of her along w/one of her favorite songs. BTW, didn't like how the frame turned out...

1 comment:

  1. I saw your broken Labyrinth piece on etsy, and rambled over here.
    I am a great lover of Labyrinths...and find a great deal of peace on my walks in it.
    The Mermaid is lovely, as are the rest of your etsy items.
    peace on the path to you...