Monday, May 18, 2009

Involuntary Electricity Sabbatical

A day without power. NH power decided to turn off my electricity today, well I guess I started it by not paying my bill. Oops! All caught up now. Funny thing is that they are so quick to turn it off, but so slow to turn it back on... 10 hours  later!! I was in the middle of posting a few new items to my Etsy store when the lights flickered out. Good thing I took a long nap, got the whole evening in front of me.  After a hot bath of course. Ah, luxuries of electricity. Once the evening arrived I began to think about my favorite Jane Austen books & about how life was so different living by candlelight. This was to distract me from coming up w/various ways to function while holding a flashlight! As an occupational therapist I am quite proud of my 1 handed skills, still lack of light has it's frustrations. At least I was finally able to find my headlamp & be a little bit productive. Limited in my choice of activities: my craft projects were limited & reading was out (especially w/my aging eyes) I resorted to cleaning. In Jane's time,  life was encompassed w/in the little light that was given off by a candle. I imagined being in a room w/various friends clustered around their smelly smokey candels: Maryanne Dashwood staring out the darken window dreaming of Willoughby, Elinor Dashwood & Lucy Steel attempting to have a private conversation, Margret Dashwood trying to read her atlas, &  Mrs. Dashwood,  Mrs. Jennings & company playing a game of cards. Well luckily I have my soy lilac scented candles... oh, my bath is ready... time to warm my chilled fingers. Back to modern living! Oh, well, c'est lavie!

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