Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Almost forgot this listing...

 I almost forgot about this listing... The Architect is a 14" x 11" mixed media OOAK collage. In all honesty the idea of this piece came about  by accident. I am infamous for sitting, working & leaving things on the floor. My studio is a giant stepping game, look out for this & watch out for that. Well what happens when you leave plaster labyrinths on the floor... I eventually step, sit or kneel on them, breaking them into pieces. Looking at the broken pieces of one particular labyrinth (it  was unpainted, so it was white as polished marble) I thought of the ruins of an ancient, iconic piece of architecture like the Roman Coliseum. Then the idea came for making these pieces into a collage,  making it appear as if a master labyrinth plan was created before it was built into existence. I used my favorite Jacquard Lumiere paint (at the moment) halo blue-gold for the background & majority of the labyrinth pieces. I just love how iridescent it is... it seems to change color from different angles.

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